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Cell phone service options have never been more consumer friendly. For the first time in our young wireless history, prepaid cell phone service options are at least as appealing, if not considerably more appealing than the traditional post paid wireless options U.S. consumers are accustomed to. These new prepaid cell phone options are giving a glimpse into the future of wireless in the United States. The stigma that prepaid cell phone service had carried for the last two decades is now removed. Prepaid cell phone customers have traditionally had limited coverage options and even fewer options when it came to cell phone devices. Page Plus cellular has completely changed the U.S. wireless industry and will become one of the most popular cell phone service providers in the country in 2012.
Page Plus cellular is a U.S. cell phone carrier that operates on the largest 3g cell phone network in the country. Page Plus offers prepaid cell phone service that features unlimited calls, unlimited texts with data options for around $40 a month. Ok, “i’ve heard about prepaid cell phone plans before, no news there” you say, so here is the big news; Mobile consumers can use the exact same cell phones that they currently use with Verizon Wireless on Page Plus cellular network. That means you can use 4G lte cell phones on page plus. The HTC Thunderbolt and the Motorola Droid Bionic are among an astounding line up of 4g phones that work great on page plus cellular service. You also have access to the Verizon iphone 4 and Verizon iphone 4S. can activate your Verizon iphone 4S with pageplus and pay about a third the cost of your current Verizon Wireless iphone plan and get the same 3G service. Other popular handsets with page plus are the android powered cell phones; HTC Incredible 2, Samsung Galaxy S Facinate and Motorola Droid are all very inexpensive smart phone options. You have the same data options, get all your apps, have the same access to the Google Play store and more!! You can activate your Verizon android, Verizon iphone 4, Verizon iphone 4S or Verizon 4G lte phone at beigephone and save yourself alot of money on your cell phone service.

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Flash Verizon 4G phones | PagePlus cell phone plans

Their is a concerted effort on the part of cell phone service providers today to shift all mobile phone users to smart phone service versus the feature phone service of the last 30 years. Without getting to specific into the particular reason I think this shift is occurring, let’s just speculate that the cell phone companies have consumers’ best interest at heart and they just want everyone to take part in the wireless smart phone revolution. Smart phones are definitely the way of the future. You can do everything from diagnose your child’s mild fever, to transferring money to your significant other or getting restaurant recommendations while on vacation. We are now entering a new generation of wireless capabilities, lead by these amazing cell phones, but not without a little caveat. Smart phone data plans, which every smartphone requires, are seemingly the necessary admission payed to participate in this wonderful wireless utopia.

Beigephone has pioneered a process in which smart phones, the new standard in mobile communication, can now be combined with prepaid cell phone plans, which offer the preferred price point for the majority of wireless consumers and do not require the arbitrary smart phone plan. Use the most popular smartphones in the world with a prepaid service provider such as pageplus and get the same nationwide coverage. Fully flash your Verizon Motorola Droid Bionic to pageplus and get unlimited talk, text with data for only $40 a month. You can also fully flash the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt or the Motorola Droid Razr 4g phones with pageplus cell phone service. Fully flashing your phone is combining the smartphone with a prepaid cell phone plan and ditching the extra cost for the a smart phone plan. There are some excellent videos showing how flashed phones work here. Yes, you still have access to the same features, apps and smart phone capabilities, but for about 50 to 70 percent less cost than monthly cell phone service with the major cell phone carriers. You can check out more about smart phone flashing at

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